Administrative Investigatory Leave for Navajo Nation Employees

Are you a Navajo Nation employee that has been placed on Administrative or Investigatory Leave? If so, how long have you been placed in such a limbo at your work site?

As of this date, the Navajo Nation Personnel Policy Manual states the procedure for workplace investigatory leave as follows:

“A Program Manager may place an employee on administrative leave to investigate alleged misconduct sufficiently serious to bar an employee from the premises to protect persons or Nation resources. Such leave may not exceed five (5) consecutive working days. Immediate written notice shall be given to the employee of the leave, its purpose and duration, and specific reasons therefore. The employee shall be required to leave the premises immediately. Upon conclusion of the investigation or the end of the administrative leave, whichever occurs first, if no disciplinary action is taken, the employee shall be allowed to return to work…Extensions may be granted by the Department of Personnel Management by recommendation of the Program Manager, but total administrative leave for investigatory purposes shall not exceed twenty (20) working days.” NNPPM X(B)(3)(c)

Thus, if you have been “reassigned” for more than 20 working days, even if this has been with the apparent permission of the Navajo Department of Personnel Management, you probably have a cause of action to file a Step 1 grievance against your employer, and you should contact the law office immediately for assistance in drafting your grievance appeal.