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“I pride myself in servicing the diverse legal needs of the people and small businesses in Gallup, Northwest New Mexico, the Navajo Nation, Zuni Pueblo and the surrounding areas. Below you’ll find information about the affordable and professional legal services that the law firm offers.”

Barry Klopfer
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Personal Injury Law

Personal-Injury-Lawyer-Gallup-NMHave you been the victim of or suffered an injury from…

  • medical malpractice?
  • police misconduct and were seriously injured?
  • nursing home negligence/abuse?
  • a semitrailers or big rig accident?
  • an animal attack in Gallup or Northwest New Mexico?
  • faulty design/maintenance of a product or service provided?
  • or experienced another type of personal injury at no fault of your own?

Mr. Klopfer can assist you against insurance companies, Navajo tribal entities, federal agencies, and municipalities in personal injury lawsuits and other tort liability cases.

Timely action is important. Contact the Law Office of Barry Klopfer for a free personal injury/wrongful death case evaluation. Dial (505) 722-9331 or contact us online.

Navajo Employment Law

  • Navajo-Employment-Lawyer-Attorney-Barry-KlopferNavajo Preference in Employment Act (NPEA)
  • Navajo Nation Personnel Grievance Hearings
  • Navajo Office of Hearings and Appeals (OHA) Hearings
  • Union/Arbitration Hearings
  • Wrongful Termination on the Navajo Nation
  • Workplace Harassment on the Navajo Nation

Mr. Klopfer has extensive experience in helping people file personnel grievances and otherwise assert violations of the Navajo Preference in Employment Act (NPEA), which is the Navajo Nation’s general labor code. The NPEA is, in general, protective of employee rights.

Whether it is a step grievance filed with the Navajo Department of Personnel Management, a hearing before the Navajo Office of Hearings and Appeals, a Charge filed before the Office of Navajo Labor Relations, or a Complaint filed with the Navajo Labor Commission, if you were harassed on the job, or suspended/demoted/terminated from employment on the Navajo Nation, or with the Navajo Nation, you should immediately consult with a Navajo bar licensed counselor. The laws on the Navajo Nation are very different than, for example, New Mexico, when it comes to protecting people and their families from abusive employers and employment practices.

Criminal Defense, DUI/DWI Defense


DWI charge is nothing to play with! If you have recently been arrested for driving under the influence, don’t make the assumption that law enforcement or the legal system is out to give you a fair shake. There are mistakes that could have been made along the way. Those mistakes could cost you jail time, your way of life and the ability to earn income.

It is your responsibility to learn more about the DWI laws that can affect you while having access to the competent legal advice that can help you move forward. The support you need can only come from a well-qualified and experienced attorney who understands New Mexico’s laws.

With over a decade of experience in successfully navigating DWI courts, Mr. Klopfer is a New Mexico DWI attorney you can trust to challenge the state that you are “beyond a reasonable doubt” guilty of DWI. You see, he understands that your case is not about being pulled over, or that you were given a sobriety test. It is about providing the legal representation that can help you realize the best and most positive outcome.

Each client is special. You are an individual who deserves the passion, skill and support that can help you extricate yourself from your legal challenges with as little damage as possible. Select the best when selecting your Gallup, New Mexico lawyer to represent you for DWI. Contact our law office today to schedule your consultation.