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If you or somebody you care about has been injured due to medical malpractice, nursing home abuse, police misconduct, an automobile/car accident, a faulty product, or other cause, you may be entitled to a settlement based on personal injuries. The Law Office of Barry Klopfer PC can assist you against insurance companies, Navajo tribal entities, federal agencies, and municipalities in personal injury lawsuits and other tort liability cases. Timely action is critical when contacting a personal injury law center in Gallup, NM.

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I was just involved in an auto accident, what do I do next?

After a car accident, most people are confused and worried. You need helpful information from our law center to minimize harm and help you avoid problems with potential issues stemming from related personal injury law cases. Staying calm will help keep you and everyone involved from neglecting the details or letting emotions get in the way. Taking care of all the basics immediately helps prevent the worsening of injuries, and can help you avoid legal and financial troubles.

Think: Safety First & Document Injuries

Find out if anyone has been hurt in either vehicle. Calling 911 isn’t an admission of guilt, no matter who was at fault, and neglecting to care for injuries now could lead to more serious conditions later. If you’re among the injured, take careful notes of pains and where they occur, as well as work absences, medications taken, miles traveled to receive medical care, and any other pertinent details. If the accident results in an personal injury law case, detailed documentation could help you win the damages you deserve in New Mexico.

Make Contact

Even if no personal injuries are involved, call the police. It’s important that an official report is made before any automobiles are towed or driven away. When talking to police or witnesses, state only the facts. Admissions of guilt can’t be retracted, and you may not be thinking clearly just after a car crash, so keep your statement as simple and to-the-point as possible.

Before any vehicle repairs are made, find out the locations of all automobiles. Ensure that photos have been taken and that all interested parties have had the chance to view all cars or trucks involved. If your accident occurred while you were on the job, contact the Workers’ Compensation Department where you work. Having a record of the accident will be essential if a subcontractor or other third party is deemed responsible in any way.

Vital Information

The legal learning center advises you to exchange names, drivers’ license numbers and insurance company information with other drivers. When speaking to the police, obtain their names, badge numbers and police department names to simplify the process of getting police report copies later. If no officers are available when you call, get to the nearest substation immediately.

Taking these steps could help reduce your liability in a personal injury law case. If you decide to make a legal claim, covering all the bases could help you recover more of the damages to which you’re entitled.

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